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Conduct code

Wixutta Knowledge Center conducts its activities for the sake of a particular segment of the population: the inhabitants of the Unidade neighbourhood, in the Mozambicain Island.  

Its vision is to contribute to the self-sufficiency and sustainability of the community through art and the development of expressive skills. 

The Centre's mission is to empower and develop the creative of each and every boy and girl who are part of the space. 

Wixutta’s  objectives are:

  • To develop self-confidence in each of the participants. 

  • To provide a space for adolescents to belong.

  • To offer a space of artistic residence for national and international artists who will  work and give workshops to the community of the Unidade neighborhood 


This Code of Conduct aims to protect all individuals with whom the Wixutta Knowledge Centre has direct or indirect contact, providing special protection and consideration for children, young people and adults at risk. It is designed to give everyone who works with the Centre, the confidence to carry out their duties and to ensure that positive relationships are developed. 


Behaviour should be based on the shared values of the organisation: integrity, collaboration, inclusiveness, determination and respect. In carrying out the responsibilities of their role, all employees of the Centre are required to respect the safeguarding principles set out in this Code of Conduct:

  • Wixutta rejects any kind of misused of Public money for selfish purposes and commits to treat all public assets with utmost seriousness, as a public trust.

  • The Centre's collaborators must exhibit a responsible and caring attitude toward the environment.


Wixutta carries out intercultural activities, with national and international artistic residencies being one of the focal points of the centre. Intercultural, interracial and interreligious work can be a significant tool of progress toward world peace and global well-being. On this basis:

  • The Centre's collaborators, staff and residents undertake to maintain ethical, cooperative relationships with other international and national artist, and should partner where possible with other institutions to make the implementation of the intercultural project possible.

  • Employees, residents and workers of the Wixutta Centre shall respect the principle of confidentiality in relation to all Centre matters including confidential information about colleagues and participants work-related activities and any other type of information that may reasonably be considered confidential.


Wixutta is not a school; it is a Knowledge Centre and a Cultural Club. As such, its working hours are flexible and adapted to the physical and emotional availability of the participants of the activities (the inhabitants of the Unidade neighbourhood) and the resident artists. In this way:

  • Wixutta's collaborators manage their schedules according to each specific project. Wixutta Centre is located in the Island of Mozambique, a region where the Muslim religion predominates, but also where inhabitants with other beliefs and spiritual practices (catholic, animist, etc) live together:

  • Wixutta Centre respects all kinds of religious and spiritual practices and does not promote any of them in particular. In this way, the activities proposed by the Centre, foresee the respect for the local spiritual practices and do not impose any action that could go against them.  

  • All Wixutta employees must be kept informed, through the document "Wixutta's Saveguardien policy for children", of their responsibilities and duty to prevent violence against children.


This Code of Conduct was approved by Moira Forjaz general director and Antonio Forjaz, administrator.

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