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A place of learning and communication

We are a non profit social enterprise located in Bairro Unidade St. Antonio, one of 8 neighbourhoods of Macuti Town on the Mozambique island


Knowledge is a never end journey 

WIXUTTA means knowledge in Macua, the local language.  WIXUTTA is not a school, nor a day care center, but it is a project that aims to offer children, women and men of the island many opportunities of their choosing.


These educational meetings, outside of school and work hours, are creative experiences and opportunities where each inhabitant of the neighborhood have the chance to participate for free and also give ideas and suggestions as to what they would like to learn.

The facilities include a multipurpose room for cinema and theater shows, a large classroom for music, dance, reading, theater rehearsals and general health and hygiene knowledge classes as well as a library where books are available. Adjacent to the classroom we built a house with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and kitchen as an accommodation for the invited teachers and artistic residencies.


Our aim is to open minds for future generations and for children who have not had these opportunities so far. The objective of this nonprofit social enterprise is to invite "experts" in various educational, creative and health branches from abroad, with unique experiences and knowledge, to come teach the local population topics from their respective fields. For this to be possible it is necessary to have financial assistance.

The Project

Moira FORJAZ fell in love with the people living in Macuti Town when she was interviewing the elders for her photographic book called (ISLANDERS / ILHEUS). As she got to know these wonderful proud people she decided to stay and help make a difference.   

We believe in conveying ideas and thoughts, through creative learning for adults and children. Our aim is to stimulate their desire for learning.

CREATIVE LEARNING FOR CHILDREN: through music, singing, theater, visual art and dance practices/ productions we intend to stimulate the desire for knowledge. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Films projections, arts and crafts, healthcare, photography, horticulture and basic building skills with an emphasis on recycling are other focus of activities. The aim is to inform and educate in order for the participants to create a better, healthier and more prosperous local environment. 

Discover the installations

The Amphitheater

The amphitheater is the main element of the centre and the heart of all social activities with educational workshops, film projections, musical and theatrical performances as well as conferences and other external projects and information programs. It is the epicenter of the complex. 


The Activity Building

The large and spacious activity building which includes an activity classroom, adjoins the amphitheater and is used for rehearsals, presentations and arts & crafts classes. It is the main area for most of the day-to-day activities.

The Artist Residence

The Artist Residence has 3 double bedrooms, a bathroom and shower room, lounge, equipped kitchen, garden and patio area. The residence will be available to volunteer teachers and other collaborators. The residence can also be used in conjunction with the amphitheater and the activity building for invited guests and colleagues. 

The Open Space Area

The open space area can be used for outdoor activities, social gatherings and fund raising opportunities. Situated in the middle of the complex it is the ideal area for casual get-togethers and exchanging ideas.

Who we are

The team is dedicated to the prosperity of the community by making sure the people feel they have a listening ear and an understanding of their needs. The staff is essential to the success of the centre by not only teaching classes, but also running the day-to-day operations as well as offering regular transparent online financial information.

  • Moira FORJAZ: Founder & Director. 

  • Antonio FORJAZ: Founder & Financial Adviser - MAHLA FILMES 

  • Chimène COSTA: General Coordinator / Dance and Theater Teacher

  • Cremildo MANHIÇA: Singing, Piano and Guitar Teacher 

  • Lito ESTEVAO JOSE CARDOSO: Production Assistant

  • Alejandro WENNER: General Technician 

  • Abdul TAUAZIR  KUETERE: Musical Consultant 

  • Amarchande REIS: Resident Nurse

  • Miquidade ARUNE: Assistant Teacher

  • Merritt BECKER: General Adviser / President of Wixutta's friends Club   

" An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. "

Meet Moira Forjaz

The WIXUTTA KNOWLEDGE CENTRE is the brainchild of Moira Forjaz, who having laid the foundations for the Festival International de Musica Classic in Maputo from 2004 until 2012, wanted to bring a community centre to the Ilha de Mocambique.


​Applying her extensive knowledge on how to build a successful program from the ground up, Moira has been able to overcome difficult challenges to create a centre devoted to bringing skill and knowledge to the inhabitants of the island, where she now lives. ​


Born in Zimbabwe, Moira studied at Johannesburg School of Arts. With a keen eye and natural disposition, she first worked as a photojournalist in South Africa, and then from 1975 onwards as a photographer and documentary filmmaker in Mozambique.


Moira is a world traveller as well as the author and photographer of various books based on her experiences in Mozambique and on the Island of Mozambique. These books are designed to be historical photographic memories in order to capture the lives and recollections of the country and its inhabitants by paying homage to them, giving them a name and a voice before it was too late.

The island

Island of Mozambique, (Ilha de Moçambique in Portuguese) is built on almost 70% limestone Foundations.  The name Macuti town originated during the colonial times when the stone-town was build from limestone quarried from the Southern end of the Island. The excavation left huge hollows some two to three meter be-low the road. Later this area  was occupied by the poor who built  their houses with sticks and stones and palm tree roof covering, called Macuti.


Today, Macuti Town is a vibrant but overcrowded and painfully under-resourced part of the city. It is a hard place to live. 


Contact us


Whatsapp +258 84 290 8569


Bairro de Unidade St. Antonio

Ilha de Moçambique  


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